Verymail, email address validation REST API engine

a thorough aggregated email verification api and mailing list authenticator service.

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const verymail = require("verymail");

    verymail("[email protected]")
      .then(result => {

        result.isValid ?
            log("Valid!") :


      .catch(err => console.log(err));


Some of Verimail uses include

Verymail offers for developers a method to connect their applications via our interactive, always live api inorder to keep control on things.

Use cases and scenarios.

With our email address verification engine you can easily filter out badly formatted address or in-existent email addresses


Safe. Secure. Fast

All requests are SSL secured to integrate with your favourite application and framework.


Email Data Append

Appends known data such as names, location when available or when ip is provided.


Custom headers and callbacks

Configure custom E-Tags and headers for specific customer requests.


Support that cares

Pro-active experts at your service, who reach out when your attention is needed..


Fits into your workflow

Integrate verymail into your everyday signups and applications such as mailchimp & constant contact.

Start validating immediately
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