Take down notice

Notice and Take-down Procedures

Gross Corporation confirms that it has a procedure in place for the notice and take-down of illegal material. In compliance with section 77 of the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act (No. 25 of 2002) Gross Corporation’ designated agent for this process can be reached at [email protected] The take-down procedure can be viewed at http://ispa.org.za/code-of-conduct/take-down-procedure/

Customers are also notified of the content and procedures of the ISPA Code of Conduct (http://ispa.org.za/code-of-conduct/request-a-take-down/) which may be used against any Internet service provider who fails to comply with the code of conduct. We urge you to familiarise yourselves with this code.

Complaints and procedures

It is the customer’s responsibility to familiarise himself or herself with the procedure set out below and report any cases of violation of this AUP to Gross Corporation’ designated complaints handling agent.

Please note that Gross Corporation cannot handle complaints concerning networks or users that do not have service contracts with us or our affiliates, or are outside of our control.

In order for Gross Corporation to thoroughly investigate the complaint and take appropriate action, all complaints must be in writing, via fax or e-mail and contain as much information as possible, including, but not limited to:

the origin of abuse or offence, including the website, full mail headers, relevant logfile extracts etc; any contact details for the source of the complaint; A brief explanation why the incident is considered to be an offence.

Gross Corporation discourages anonymous complaints being made via this service, and urges complainants to supply their name and contact details to us. Such information will not be released, except where required by law enforcement. Anonymous complaints will however be acted upon as long as sufficient detail as outlined above is supplied.