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How Gross helps you with Web Development

Gross builds feature-rich responsive web solutions, both custom and platform-based, from scratch or using proven frameworks, languages and tools.

Our Stack


Front-end has evolved to provide even more quicker interactions and seamless experience to the end user.


You simply define your requirements and deadlines, our Angular JS experts will develop and deliver the rest.


As a library jQuery has a lot to offer and finding the right command is exactly like finding the right manual.


JavaScript is the single unit that defines User Interface and with it user experience. We love not only building but optimizing it.


Although React is a client side framework, it is surpassingly making separate back end calls redundant.


Bootstrap is like the retro pair of jeans, not in vogue but still in use. Its comfy, fun and pairs with almost everything.

Our Stack


It's the backbone to your software application, and we provide expertise in a handful of them.


PHP is one-of-the most popular technology and currently with version 7.3, we cater to diverse domains with a quick turnaround.


Java is the epitome of back end development. With a 40+ strong team, we can deliver the most versatile products.

Dot Net

Dot Net is our go-to platform when we build enterprise solutions that require complex system functionalities.


This neophyte seems to have revolutionized web applications with its lightweightness and lightening fast execution.


Although React is a client side framework, it is surpassingly making separate back end calls redundant.


Python is best for delivering data analytics, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing solutions.

Our Stack


We at Gross firmly believe in this mantra 'All content can be managed and All content should be managed.'


WordPress has the biggest market share for CMS and we have built nearly 1K websites already. We have got this.


Drupal was dubbed as the “community publishing system” and relies on it community of developers, designers, trainers, editors, and more.


Our Joomla Development Services will help you build a beautiful unique website that you'll love.


Wiki.js is a powerful and extensible open source software best for documentation and reference websites.

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