We offer comprehensive industry specific solutions for Stock Management and Warehousing.

Stock Transactions

Stock Entry / Delivery Note / Purchase Receipt / Material Request / Stock Ledger / Stock Balance / Stock Projected Qty / Stock Ageing

The Stock module is the biggest and perhaps the most demanding module of all as it affect a wide range of other business facets like projects, manufacturing and buying. Stock requests are generated from material requests as per need basis or as per setting configured to monitor re-ordering when levels diminish. Stock is usually entered or moved from or between multiple warehouses as a Material Issue, Material Receipt, Material Transfer, Material Transfer for Manufacturing, Manufacture, Repack, or Subcontract


Gross handles all your warehousing functions including customs bonding, manufacture, import and export and wholesale by carefully monitoring and reporting a full inventory schedule and movement of all goods, both physical and virtual. Every Warehouse belongs to a specific company, to maintain company wise stock balance. Warehouses are saved with their respective company’s names. This facilitates in identifying which Warehouse belongs to which company, at a glance.

Serial No and Batch Control

Serial No record is maintained for each quantity of that Item to help track information of an item, its warranty and its end-of-life information.


Batch inventory feature in Gross allows you to group multiple units of an item, and assign them a unique value/number/tag called Batch No. The practise of stocking based on batch is mainly followed in the pharmaceutical industry. Medicines/drugs produced in a particular batched is assigned a unique id. This helps them updating and tracking manufacturing and expiry dates for all the units produced under specific batch.