We offer comprehensive industry specific solutions for Selling and Billing.

Sales Management

Sales Estimates and Quotation / Sales Orders

During a sale, customers request for written note about the products or services you are planning to offer, along with the prices and other terms of engagement. This is called a “Proposal” or an “Estimate” or a “Pro Forma Invoice” or a Quotation, and Gross offers a naming series and letterhead customization of your choice. In preparing the sale, the estimates pull information like rates and taxes for each transaction, including terms and conditions of offer.

Customers Management

Customer Information / Customer Groups / Contacts / Addresses

The selling module is usually the integral operator of your business and as such, it relies on several information from other modules when availed, like customer information and so forth.

Items and Pricing

Item / Product Bundle / Price List / Item Group / Item Price / Shipping Rule / Pricing Rule

Gross can allow recording of item prices which you can log as a selling or as a buying rate for each item. A full database for fully fledged, already named, supplier provided products can be coded, varied through ‘variants’ and tracked for re ordering. Re-oder levels and notifications can be set.

Sales Partners and Territory

Territory / Sales Partner / Sales Person / Territory Target Variance (Item Group-Wise) /

Sales Person Target Variance (Item Group-Wise)
Any person who assist you in getting business are termed as Sales Partners (in Gross). Sales Partners can be represented by different names. You can call them Channel Partner, Distributor, Dealer, Agent, Retailer, Implementation Partner, Reseller. For each Sales Partner, you can define commission offer to them. When Sales Partner is selected in transactions, there commission is calculated over Net Total of Sales Order/Invoice or Delivery Note. You can track Sales Partner wise commission in the report under Selling module.

Sales Configurations

Selling Settings / Campaign / Terms and Conditions Template / Sales Taxes and Charges Template / Industry Type

Gross allows you to define Selling Settings which can then be applied in selling transactions. Gross has predefined naming methods for customer numbers, campaigns and territories. Furthermore, sales module requires that default price list be set and maintained (not compulsory), and delivery note generation. You can also use the Shipping Rule to define the cost for delivering the product to the customer. You can define different shipping rules for the same item across different territories.

Sales Analytics / Sales Funnel / Customer Acquisition and Loyalty / Quotation Trends / Sales Order Trends

Sales Reports (Full)

Lead Details / Customer Addresses And Contacts / Ordered Items To Be Delivered / Sales Person-wise Transaction Summary / Item-wise Sales History / Inactive Customers / Available Stock for Packing Items / Pending SO Items For Purchase Request / Customer Credit Balance