We offer comprehensive industry specific solutions for Procurement.


Material Request / Request for Quotation / Supplier Quotation / Purchase Order

The procurement or buying process is a combination of bilateral communication of product pricing documents between a business and its suppliers leading to the ultimate selection of suppliers using provided responses to requests. Gross bosses the procurement process by availing various requests and internal order creation for in-house project managers to allow the buying party the necessary information through creation of material request and stock counts.

Supplier Management

Supplier Information / Supplier Type / Contact / Address

Gross allows you to create multiple contacts and addresses for suppliers and integrating suppliers with ‘Creditor’ accounts as default payable accounts. Suppliers can be managed through a naming series without mention their names, if confidentiality within your organization is to be considered and may be distinguished from a contractor or subcontractor, who commonly adds specialized input to deliverables. A supplier is also known as a vendor. There are different types of suppliers based on their goods and products.

Items and Pricing

Item / Product Bundle / Price List / Item Group / Item Price / Pricing Rule

Gross can allow recording of item prices which you can log as a selling or as a buying rate for each item. A full database for fully fledged, already named, supplier provided products can be coded, varied through ‘variants’ and tracked for re ordering. Re-oder levels and notifications can be set.

Buying Settings

Buying Settings / Terms and Conditions Template / Purchase Taxes and Charges Template

Settings are available to define properties which will be applied in the Buying module’s transactions. Such settings include Purchase Tax Accounts that you want to use in the tax templates, and are mentioned as “Tax” in Chart of Accounts.


Purchase Analytics / Supplier-Wise Sales Analytics / Purchase Order Trends

Procurement Reports

Items To Be Requested / Requested Items To Be Ordered / Material Requests for which Supplier Quotations are not created / Item-wise Purchase History / Supplier Addresses and Contacts