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Gross cover three main manufacturing Production plans; Make-to-Stock, Make-to-Order and Engineer-to-Order. Most small and medium sized manufacturing businesses are based on a make-to- order or engineer-to-order system. For growth purposes, the engineer-to-order systems, the Manufacturing module is usable along with the Projects module.

Production Process

Production Order / Stock Entry / Timesheet

Production Order (also called as Work Order) is a document that is given to the manufacturing shop floor by the Production Planner as a signal to produce a certain quantity of a certain Item. Production Order also helps to generate the material requirements (Stock Entry) for the Item to be produced from its Bill of Materials.

Bill of Materials


At the heart of the Manufacturing system is the Bill of Materials (BOM). The BOM is a list of all materials (either bought or made) and operations that go into a finished product or sub-Item. In Gross, the component could have its own BOM hence forming a tree of Items with multiple levels.

Costing of a BOM

The Costing section in BOM gives an approximate cost of producing the Item.

You can add a list of Items you require for each operation, with its quantity. This Item could be a purchased Item or a sub-assembly with its own BOM. If the row Item is a manufactured Item and has multiple BOMs, select the appropriate BOM. You can also define if a part of the Item goes into scrap.


Project / Task / Gantt Chart

Project management in Gross is Task driven. This allows you to separate and track stages of completion as calculated base on task progress. You can create Project and assign multiple Tasks against it. Project is divided into Tasks. In Gross, you can also create a Task independently and monitor its Status, dependents, manage expenses, and time frames.

Time Tracking

Timesheet / Activity Type / Activity Cost

You can bill Time Logs by batching them together. This gives you the flexibility to manage your customer billing in the way you want by creating timesheets and sales invoices. All activities are categorized and grouped as Planning, Research, Proposal writing, Execution and Communication.

Project Reports

Daily Timesheet Summary / Project wise Stock Tracking

Manufacturing Reports
Open Production Orders / Production Orders in Progress / Issued Items Against / Production Order / Completed Production Orders