We offer comprehensive industry specific solutions for HR and Payroll Management.

Employee Database and Attendance Register

Employee Information / Attendance register and logging tool

Gross is flexible in handling and processing employee information and data. There are many fields you can add in your Employee records to allow custom data entry for your employees. The employee database is also responsible for recording personal attendance records for multiple employees quickly.

Payroll Operations

Salary Slip / Process Payroll / Salary Structures / Salary Components

Payroll is administered through financial records of employees’ salaries, wages, bonuses, net pay, and deductions by adhering to preset Salary Structures for all Employees, and generating Salary Slips via Payroll Processes and finally recording the salaries in Slaries accounts.


Job Opening and Applicant Management / Offer letter automation

Gross allows you to can make a record of the open vacancies in your company using Job Opening, and enable you to maintain a list of People who have applied for a Job Opening. Vetting and scheduling of interviews can then be automated holistically to all applicants and a readily prepared Offer letter, on record can be dispatch to the successful candidate/s.

Leave and Holiday

Leave Application / Leave Types / Holiday List Manager / Leave Allocation Tool & Block List

Gross allows you to maintain a predefined list of Holidays in all territories that your organization operates in. By setting a holiday list, differentiating the ‘paid holidays’ from the ‘unpaid holidays’ Managers can stay informed.

Employee Expense Claims

Expense Claim / Expense Claim Type

Expense Claim is made when Employee’s spend their own money or resources of their own on behalf of the company. Claims are made through the reimbursement service via the Expense Claim form. Claims are clearly categorized and set by the authorizing personel or supervisor and all claim are subject to approval. Claims can also be booked with Task and Projects to allow recording and auditing justifications for such usage and claim.

Appraisals Module

Appraisal / Appraisal Template

In Gross, you can manage Employee Appraisals by creating an Appraisal Template for each role with the parameters that define the performance by giving appropriate ‘weightage’ to each parameter.

HR Setup

Employment Types / Branches / Departments / Designations

HR Reports

Employee Leave Balance / Employee Birthday / Employees working on a holiday / Employee Information / Monthly Salary Register / Monthly Attendance Sheet