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Schedule Scheduling

Course Schedule / Student Attendance / Assessment / Assessment Group / Scheduling Tool / Examination record

Easily manage a student who has enrolled at your institute and have accepted their application. The student process maintains personal details of the student on his / her page. Eg : Fees, Student Group.


Fees / Fee Structure / Fee Category / Student Fee Collection

Maintain a record of fees collected from students. The Fee Structure is fetched based on the selected Program and Academic Term.


Student Applicant / Application Status / Student Enrollment / Program Enrollment
A Student Applicant record needs to be created when a student applies for a program at the institute. You can Approve or Reject a student applicant. By accepting a student applicant you can add them to the student master. By default when a student applicant is created in the system, the application status is set to ‘Applied’ you can then update the status to ‘Approved’ once you approve the applicant to join your institute followed by the ‘Enroll’ feature that shows up. You can create a student record against the student applicant and enroll them to a program by clicking on this button

Institution Configurations

Course / Program / Student Category / Grading Structure / Instructor / Room / Academic Term / Academic Year