We offer comprehensive industry specific solutions for Customer Relationship Management.

A good CRM gives you insights into running your marketing and campaigns. An agile CRM gives you the information you need in a way that you can use it. An ideal CRM offers you a solution to simplify your processes from day one. Gross includes the good, the smart, and the ideal.

Sales Pipeline


Gross handles leads very well. Weather they are from your Gross powered website, meeting people at an event, advertisement or manually entered, you are guaranteed to have a full list of all potential opportunities that may arise as such. Handling of leads eases the pain of marketing teams and sales managers in determining and attributing successful opportunities to relevant sales partners or sales employees. You can enable creation of website lead generator by allowing guest to registered for cloud users.


An opportunity is an upgrade of a lead, following further proposal or knowledge that the lead is looking for a particular product. Opportunities are created from leads or individually.

Customer and Contact

Contacts are stand alone individuals that are either independent of linked to a company or customer.


Gross CRM allows you to send Newsletters, automated emails and SMS’, campaings and notifications to clients related to sales, or usually marketing offers and functions.


Campaign / Customer Group / Territory / Sales Person

Gross CRM allows to implement a full scale campaign strategy to promote a product or service. This is done in a market segment of a particular geographical area, to achieve specified objectives. You can track Lead, Opportunity, Quotation against a campaign.

Sales Reports

Sales Funnel / Minutes to First Response for Opportunity / Lead Details / Customer Addresses and Contacts / Inactive Customers