We offer comprehensive industry specific solutions for Accounting and Finance.

Company and Accounts

Journal Entry / Chart of Accounts / General Ledger / Trial Balance, balance sheet, cash flow statement, profit and loss statement

You may note that as a business manager, it is very valuable to see how well your business is doing. Financial statements for your company are easily viewable in Gross. You can view financial statements such as Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss statement and Cash flow statement, but before that, actual accounts transactions have to be computed to generate such several views and reports.

Banking and Payments

Update bank transactions / match payment invoices / bank reconciliation / bank summaries

Gross is banking and payment recording enabled and offers a deep linking payment entry classification, reconciliation of bank statements and match payment invoices. When you recieve payments or make cheque payments, bank statements do not accurately match the dates of entry, as banks usually takes time to “clear” payments. Gross synchronises your bank statements and your Journal Entrys using the “Bank Reconciliation” tool.

Budget and cost center

Chart of cost centers / budget / budget variance reports / monthly distributions

Gross allows you to set and manage Budgets against a specific Account. You can set a specific budget for a particular project and get notified if you want Gross to stop or warn you from over spending, based on that budget.


Sales & Purchase Invoice / Payment requests & entry / Accounts receivable & payable
When bills that you send to your customers, or suppliers are processed, against which the customer or supplier processes the payment, the system updates the receivables and payables against a relevant Accounts. All Sales are booked against an “Income Account”. This refers to an Account in the “Income” section of your Chart of Accounts. The Billing function includes among other features, Recurring Invoice features, POS Invoices and functions enabling easy front office purchases, Billing Timesheets with Projects.

Accounting tools

Periodic closing voucher / asset movement / cheque print and issuance

Gross allows you to maintain fixed asset records like Computers, Furnitures, Cars, etc. and manage depreciations, sale or disposal of those assets by maintaining an asset master in the heart of fixed asset management feature. Gross automatically creates a schedule for depreciation based on depreciation method and other related inputs in the Asset record.

Accounting presets and configurations

Fiscal Year / Multi-Currency Exchange / Point of Sale Profiles / Payment accounts
In Gross, you can make accounting entries in multiple currencies. If you have a bank account in foreign currency, you can make transactions in that currency and system will show bank balance in that specific currency only.

General Reports & Analytics

Gross Profit / Purchase invoice trends / Sales invoice trends / Asset Depreciation Ledger / Asset Depreciations and Balances / Trial Balance for Party / Payment Period Based On Invoice Date / Sales Partners Commission / Item-wise Sales Register / Item-wise Purchase Register / Accounts Receivable Summary / Accounts Payable Summary / Customer Credit Balance