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Send invoices with just a few clicks, request payments while online, automate reminders, view accounts, manage taxes and view reports.


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Easy wizard helps set up
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Using GrossBooks single innovative platform you can remove all your accounting and communication dependencies on email, faxes and spreadsheets or apps you currently have.

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Our server network never goes down.

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We store all your data forever. No extra charge.

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Keep your communication and data safe.

* Limited to the life of your account


How the system works

Below is a presentation of system screenshots to give you a brief outlook of certain features and the user interface.


Manage centralized accounts groups for your company, allowing easy reporting and management.


business overview through a configurable dashboard

add, delete, create widgets at will, view sales reports, document lists, and business overview statistics on the dashboard


invoicing & billing

Customise the look of your invoice by using our beautiful invoice templates. Add or edit a branding themes, include your payment terms, or simply upload your logo and you're ready to go.


HR and Payroll Manager

Simple and smart employee management interface, record attendance, earnings and deductions with easy



Send instant, unlimited emails and faxes to team and customers using readily available features and notifications regarding your account and subscription



GrossBooks features a set of readily configured reports generators for your accounts. Just select the appropriate option and specify the report period.


Instant sale

Generate preconfigured and quick instant sales from the point of sale interface, by controlling user permission and and accept instant payments.


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We dont' like to brag, but we don't mind letting our customers do it for us. Here are a few nice things people have said about GrossBooks.

“Very easy to use, I wouldn't mind recommending GrossBooks to anyone.”

Calvin — Car Rentals

“As an admirer of nice things myself and someone who pays attention to small detail, I am thrilled with GrossBooks. Beautiful!.”

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