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Create invoices, view accounts and reports, manage products and inventory with GrossBooks, the bookkeeping software for business.


Fully integrated accounting software for business, with all baseline functions. Manage accounts charts and detailed reports.

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Credit notes

Offer credit notes to your customers against refunds and other surpluses.

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Create estimates and invoices on the go. With GrossBooks, creating estimates is a matter of a few seconds. Once they're accepted, convert them to invoices instantly.

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Tracking expenses (accounts payable charts) will show you where your business stands and help you action on unique vital demands of your business.

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Monitor your inventory online with GrossBooks. Complete inventory management from monitoring stock levels to replenishing them.

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GrossBooks makes managing your invoices and receivables effortless. Send customized statements to your clients and receive payment in multiple currencies.

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Manage employee records. record time-sheets and aggregate attendances, earnings and deductions to create payslips

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Purchase Orders

Create and send supplier pucharse orders (PO) with GrossBooks, record POs as bills.

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View dashboards, reports and charts covering all your receivables, payables, inventory and much more.

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The hub for all your business workflow.

GrossBooks brings you an all in one solutions that helps you automate everyday tasks in running your business.



With GrossBooks you do your quotes and invoices as you go, because it will only take a minute.



We encrypt data sent between your browser and the cloud-service so that it is safe.



You can work from a Windows PC, a Mac, an Android device or an iPhone or iPad.



Create your company in 5 minutes and start invoicing immediately


Migrate from other accounting platforms

Your data should be connected and portable. GrossBooks connects with other sources to help you secure move your data.



Migrate your products, contacts and bills from Sage to GrossBooks by the click of a button.



Migrate your products, contacts and bills from Xero to GrossBooks by the click of a button.


Google Drive

Migrate your products, contacts and bills from Google Drive to GrossBooks by the click of a button.

How can GrossBooks
help your business?

Get your complete financial picture at a glance. GrossBooks functions as a private cloud for your business. All you need is an internet connection to manage your workstations.

Work smarter.

Remote teams on the go

Manage documents

Automate routine tasks

Powerful applications for
powerful services.

See what’s coming in and what’s going out. Check what your balances will be after paying bills. And get alerts so you never miss a due date.

Dynamic notifications

Audit trails

Telephony services, fax

All features driven by the
purpose of modularity.

Choose which modules to enable out of the box and easily integrate functions with others, such as POS, Payroll, Bookings and so on.

Generate Reports.

Record check-in times

Add users and assign roles

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GrossBooks is specifically designed for businesses owners with no accounting knowledge. It’s an all-in-one, easy to use and you would benefit today by signing up.

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